TweetUp Tale: Why working with good people is important

Working with good people is important – this statement is pretty obvious. We don’t always have the opportunity to work with good people, but when the opportunity does arise, what a difference it makes.

This is a tale of a Grey Cup TweetUp – one that took place near the end of November in Vancouver.

For the third straight Grey Cup, the CFL hosted a Grey Cup TweetUp. The first-ever edition took place in the basement of a pub in Calgary in 2009. About 25 people attended along with the Commissioner and a couple of players.

A year later we were in a bar in Edmonton with our own private area. Molson served up some free beer and TELUS gave away a couple of smartphones. Around 70 people were in attendance along with players, the Commissioner and this time the Grey Cup.

Each year our goal is to throw a TweetUp better than the year before. This year, we moved our event from a bar to a hotel because we were expecting double the number of attendees (140 people attended). We printed custom t-shirts for the attendees and we had a record number of prizes to give away including two tickets to the 99th Grey Cup and four passes to stand on the field next to the stage for the Pepsi Max Halftime Show.

But this year the biggest difference was going to be location – for the first time we were moving away from a bar and into a hotel conference room.

At first blush, the thought of hosting a TweetUp in a hotel led many to shutter. However, the location was selected by one of our most influential bloggers in Vancouver based on his relationship with the hotel and its support for the BC Lions and all things CFL. It didn’t hurt that the hotel was two blocks from the Grey Cup Festival site.

From our first meeting with Kristina at the Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel I knew it was going to be a great fit. She is a member of The Waterboys – an influential group of B.C. businesspeople who support the BC Lions – and the hotel has a suite in BC Place for all Lions games. She is also a HUGE Lions fan.

Over the course of a couple of months the hotel bent over backwards for our requirements to make the TweetUp successful. They installed extra screens so we could display tweets live on location. Their staff printed our name tags and stuffed lanyards for us. They held shipments of t-shirts for us. They adjusted last second when the rain prevented an outdoor BBQ. The list goes on.

Kristina is a good person and working with her and her team was outstanding – in fact, it is one the highlights of my Grey Cup week.

While anecdotal evidence suggested that attendees loved the venue, our post-event survey data showed that 92 per cent of respondents said that the TweetUp was held at a location suitable for a TweetUp. Without a doubt, these positive reactions are a result of the TLC put into the event by the folks at the Rosedale on Robson, led by Kristina.

When I started this blog over a year ago, my goal was to write about good people whom I came into contact with and what I was able to learn from them. The lessons learned from this experience are to be open, honest, up-front and cordial and things should work out well for everyone. Not once did we feel squeezed or duped (I’ve heard horror stories from friends who have had to deal with large venues). We were always treated with respect and Kristina and her team always presented solutions when challenges arose.

Too often people enter a situation focusing on how they can get a larger slice of the pie. Instead, they should consider how much bigger the pie would be for everyone if grown together – both parties get a larger slice.

The working relationship we had while producing the event turned into a win-win for both the CFL and the Rosedale on Robson and left everyone feeling energized at the end of the day.

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Jaime is the Senior Manager, Social Media at Hootsuite. He is a digital marketer with expertise in social media and content marketing. His experience stems from leading the social media strategy for two national brands. Jaime holds an MBA with a focus in Marketing and Strategy from the Rotman School of Management where he was selected valedictorian by the students of the Morning MBA Class of 2011. He is the former radio voice of the Toronto Argonauts and currently lives in Vancouver with his wife and two sons.
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  1. bev chan says:

    Congrats are the best!

  2. It also helps working with really passionate people where the pie doesn’t even enter anyone’s mind. Good on you and those you chose to work with for their passion to bring something like this to fruition!

    P.S.: Luving the new pic!

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